The Piss Superstition – Dallas’ Amp C-30 Cassette (Medusa 062)


(cigarette box edition designed by Horwood, Artwork, Julian Bradley/Horwood)

The Piss Superstition is the pseudonym of one Mr. Julian Bradley from Leeds, England. His name should be familiar to those immersed in the deep work of Vibracathedral Orchestra as well as his stellar solo CDs on Chocolate Monk and Veglia. For those still recovering from the ‘A Themepark For Whatever Happened Before’ LP, he dropped in 2010, comes 4 new tracks clocking in at 29:45 to help you manage your schizoid embollisim.Julian Bradley released 3 others Piss Superstition CD’s. 2006’s self released ‘Valentine, The World Hates Us’ and ‘Fires For Progress’ as well as 2007’s ‘Suppose The Blood Bath Comes’ on Poot Records. Zoned.





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