Kanada 70 – ‘Whumble Scrap SSE’ C-40 Cassette (Medusa 027)

Craig Dunsmuir stands alone in his approach to creating a travelogue of the mind through it’s sonic seasons. Here in Canada, that means something. His collabo record with Sandro Perri. Glissandro 70, is much beloved and cited here purely to inform you that this gent’s got an archive of mind funk going back to the PAST. And that brings us to this tape. Boretronix beats from the streets. Amazing found tape, real people vibe, goes from ‘being in a garbage can to shuggie otis and back to mars.’ Walkman mega-force dance cave. Collectors realize. If you are lucky enough to collect a few of the dozens of limited free-white sleeve CD-R beat/noise/prog/sound collage albums K70 churns out, then you’ll be very happy to plunk down the duckets for this very special medusa release. Printed here is a track listing. A medusa first.

A1 Whoop (for A. Dilloway & J. Wiese) (from K70-11, Whoop)
A2 Nohassle (from K70-4, Me Kanumble)
B1 Son Of Early Morning: Brothers (Tearing Up) (from K70-10, Scrap App)
B2 Crawdem Boogie (from K70-15, Parsse)

Edition of 50.



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