Solar Fox ‘Infinity Rituals’ C-52 Cassette (Medusa 077)

Solar Fox 1

            (Sealed, 3 color screen print on 18pt board hand-cut wrap around in sleeve.)

           Medusa is honored to present ‘Infinity Rituals’, the first album by Solar Fox featuring Chicago’s Plastic Crimewave and Ms. Libby. Clocking in at just under 50 minutes, this release comprises live and studio sessions by this 2 note martian psych/cosmic choir-chant duo that will blow your balloon bag in two. Imagine a debris blasted satellite floating through space manned by Sergius Golowin’s distane future relative and his cosmic sister. Seriously delivers on the ‘Garden Of Delights’ territory astral zones, bleached in pastoral hymn. Trust me, you’ll be peeling your face off the ceiling with a spatula after this one. FRIED and CRISPY. OOP 


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