Steve Gunn ‘Human Condition/Trances’ 7″ 45 Lathe – 3 color screen print quad fold-out box



 (7.25x 7.25×0.25) Design by Horwood.  (Medusa 044)  Gunn is a contemporary American guitarist based in Brooklyn, New York. His sonic investigations and forays as one half of the duo GHQ with Marcia Bassett, as well as many other affiliations with underground burners such as Willie Lane, Tom Carter and Shawn David McMillen have been melting brains in the bunkers of many a smoked cortex for a number of years now. Gunn continues to humbly cultivate an impressive living archive combining traditional, raga and zoned mutant hybrids, etching, hewing and blasting open new forms, tones and bones.

Steve Gunn – Human Condition (Alan Wilson)/ Trances (Gunn)

Recorded by SG on 12/31/10 at Boerum Palace, Brooklyn NY



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