MV & EE with The Golden/Bummer Road “Lazy Light/Lead Me To Vibration 7”









Stunningly presented art edition 7” from MV &      EE with two different big band line-ups, all packaged in a fully hand-screened fold-out box in an edition of only 150 copies. This is a phenomenal set, with an A side that just explodes out of the gate, marrying tortuous Kousokuya style fuzz with bandstand rocking rhythms and euphoric male/female vocals. The feel is of a John Oswald Frankenstein creation with a live track that’s been massively fucked with and overdubbed to create a hallucinatory amalgam of rural glam and excessive garage wah. The flip is just as potent, again with live recordings, this one from an inspired trio meltdown w/Mo’ Jiggs that gets all the way out, marrying Alan Silva-style string wrestling and scattershot percussion with a Sky Saxon leads the Ya Ho Wha hallelujah orchestra feel that comes over like a Tower Recordings session beamed way into the future. A stunning release, overflowing with ideas and maybe the perfect distillation of the many thought-paths of this amazing group. Highly recommended! – Volcanic Tongue



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