Matt ‘Doc’ Dunn – ‘The Floating Realm’ C-15 Cassette


3. The Floating Realm Range05 ME148

Medusa Editions and The Cosmic Range presents Matt ‘Doc’ Dunn’s ‘The Floating Realm.’

‘The Floating Realm’ is part three of a three cassette suite of music and paintings along

with ‘Inner World Blues’ and ‘Dance Me To The Light.’ On the third tape, you the passenger

will drift into the comic haze of Doc’s down-home cosmic raga.  The program is repeated

on both sides for maximum arousal. Presented with a painted cassette, insert and yarn.

Produced & Performed by Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn, 2012-2014 at The Ranch. Medusa Editions #148, Cosmic Range #005

Edition of 20  OOP


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